Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy day at the park

We went to the park this morning with cousins and had such a fun time. I'm in the middle of doing a million things--feeding Kate, watching Bubble Guppies, making dinner, texting with friends and family--so I'll just get right to pictures of our day because I'm pretty sure my mind is not sharp enough to write many coherent sentences at the moment. Multi-tasking at its finest.

So here is our day at the park with Sam and Bridgette.


Look at this crazy caterpillar we found! See if you can find it in the photo below. Hint: Bridgette is looking at it.


And Dylan's favorite thing about Sam and Bridgette? They get him really dizzy on the tire swing.


Katie loved the park, too.


Tonight is Dylan's parent orientation for preschool. We've taken him to open houses for his preschool but this is our first real parent-teacher meeting. Sean and I both agreed when we became parents that we were really excited for parent-teacher conferences. To see where our kids sit and find their artwork hanging on the walls and meet their teachers. Tonight is probably logistical stuff--where to send the tuition check, what to pack in his backpack, what they'll do when our kid swears in class, etc etc--but we're still pretty excited to go. I'm going to feel like such an imposter sitting in this classroom with all of the other parents tonight. I will probably always feel like the student and not the parent and I sure don't look older than twelve. I'll have to find an outfit that makes me look at least thirty. Because I still have five more days in my twenties to act all young and crazy before it's time to grow up.

And yet I'm pretty sure I will have this much fun at the park once I turn thirty, too.