Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So big!

Lots of stuff is happening in Katie world. She'll be five months old next week. And she really loves her baby.


She's rolling over like a champ--although sometimes her arm gets stuck under her and she gets frustrated.

Today she has been sticking out her tongue all day and it's pretty adorable.


Dylan and Kate love each other more and more each day. Since the moment she was born, Dylan has not once shown any jealousy towards her, he adores her and she loves him right back. I know this will change when she starts stealing his toys so I am savoring this time in their lives.

Dylan is constantly running around naked now that he's such a big boy--but not big enough to know exactly how to put his underpants back on by himself--so most of my photos of Dylan lately are from the chest up.


They grow up quick, don't they?