Thursday, July 4, 2013

No fireworks here

Fourth of July.


We didn't do much, although the weather was glorious. Katie is still recovering from her croup and Sean and Dylan are not far behind, all three of them still coughing pretty good. Sean thinks he is well enough to ride his bike to work again tomorrow, he's been sick since last Thursday, and we made a bet. He says riding his bike will clear out his chest and make him feel better. I say riding his bike is going to make him sicker.

"What shall we bet?!" I asked him on the drive to the grocery store, "A back scratch? Foot rub?"

"If I die from biking tomorrow you can have my 401K and life insurance, how's that." He responded.

I laughed.

My husband makes me laugh.

As for Katie, she's still coughing but less lethargic.


Dylan was never this sick at this age. But Dylan didn't have an older brother like Kate does to get him sick. To see her cough like that is a bit scary, but she'll be fine.

So we stayed home for most of the day. I made smores with Dylan and we made pizza together for dinner and watched Despicable Me up in our room for family movie night so the day wasn't a total wash. I wish I could've cleaned more and brought the kids swimming, but it was a nice day nonetheless.

Happy Independence Day to this beautiful country of ours! Stay safe, everyone.