Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I have some good news

DSC_6913_edited-1 copy

Today the receptionist from my new endocrinologist's office called me with my lab results.

"Your TSH is at a 0.10, which is good for you."
"Yes, I am feeling well on my current dose."
"And you have no Thyroglobulin, so that's great! It means there is no thyroid left."
"Wait, so does that mean I no longer have cancer?"
"You still have cancer, but your thyroid tumor is completely gone. It'll take a few months for the radiation to kill off all of your cancer cells."
"I don't quite understand. So what is my next step?"
"As long as you are feeling well and don't need your meds adjusted, we will see you in a year."

A whole year.

I'm not in remission yet, but I'd say I'm in recovery. I'm recovering. And now I get to live life as if nothing happened. At least for the next year.

So glad.