Saturday, July 6, 2013

Couch blogging

Dylan's room is dimly lit by the glow of his tiny fish tank, and the humming of the fan blowing on my sleeping boy is overshadowed by the loud booms from the nearby fireworks. He fell asleep hours ago after a long day in the sun. I am cozied up on his couch, Sean and Kate are slowly falling asleep in our bedroom and I didn't want to bother them with my typing.

I'm turning into a night owl lately. I love to stay up in the silence as my little family sleeps, occasionally floating from room to room to check in on everyone. Even if I am plum exhausted by seven p.m., I am wide awake by ten and ready to read or photo edit or sneak into the basement to play around on the guitar. Mom by day, artist by night.

The kids are feeling better now and we are slowly rising out of our sickly funk. Two weeks of coughs and sneezes and fevers, replaced by smiles and dips in the kiddie pool. We are experiencing a heat wave--93 degrees today--but the kids don't seem to mind.

Dylan is two weeks into potty training and is being a total rockstar. He wears big boy underpants now and Pull-Ups for bed. Some days he even wakes up dry. The only accidents he is having is when he forgets to pull his underwear down and goes in his pants while standing in front of the potty. It happens more than you'd think. Who knew two-year-olds would have such a hard time figuring out the logistics of pull underwear down, go potty, pull underwear up. We started with a sticker chart and he earned $1 prizes for every ten successful trips to the potty but Dylan is no longer interested in the stickers, now he just goes on his own and could care less about earning rewards. He's always been a child who does things his own way and at his own pace. He hates when I ask him if he has to use the potty because, duh, if he had to go he would go. I can see his teenager years in my distant future and he is rolling his eyes an awful lot in them.

I uploaded a bunch of family photos to a digital photo frame this week and have been a bit sappy while watching them scroll through in our living room so I thought I'd post a slideshow of them here. I might sit here for a while after I hit Publish and reminisce.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

My favorite part about these photos is that Sean rarely sees the pictures I take of our family because he is not on social media much and I don't often print them, so he is seeing these old ones of baby Dylan for the first time and it's pretty awesome to see the look on his face as he remembers the memories.