Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Little poet

Dylan blew me away tonight. Sean reads him Mother Goose often, it's like their "thing", but tonight Dylan asked me to read it to him. And I would start a line to a nursery rhyme and Dylan would finish the whole thing.  He knew the words on at least 85 out of 100+ pages. I was absolutely shocked.  I mean sure, kids memorize stuff, but he knew weird stuff like "tuppenny loaf", too, and common names like Brighton.  After we read he asked me for "poetry" which means he wants to hear "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost--his favorite, and mine--and he recited almost all of that, too!

He's so smart, that sweet little boy of ours, and I am so so proud. 

I asked him what his favorite colors are as we chatted in bed and he answered "green and purple".  Watching him grow into this little person is just so cool.  He wants to know how everything works these days and his grandpa laughed this morning because when they were out he told another two year old to "callllllm dowwwwwn" at the library. 

Two going on thirty, that boy.