Sunday, April 28, 2013

Low iodine diet: Day 15

I woke up sick to my stomach and immediately handed the baby to Sean so I could rush to the bathroom. I've got my fingers crossed that I am feeling well enough to keep that radioiodine pill down on Thursday.  Here are some photos from today:

I look how I feel lately

I'm bruising a bunch
I cheated.  Ate some of Dylan's grilled cheese

My staple lunch

The dogs want my hamburger

Dylan helps me cook

Attempting to make friies

I failed at French fries

I'm a terrible cook.  Which is why I don't cook.  The muffins look pretty good so at least I can have breakfast before we drive to the hospital tomorrow morning.  The fries were tolerable.  The pretzels are meh.  Sean keeps cracking jokes about how I'm going to love going into isolation because the hospital will probably have edible food. I was able to get off the couch a bit more today and not feeling as cruddy as I did yesterday.