Friday, March 22, 2013

Cancer continues

All of these rooms look the same: empty. I couldn't tell you which specialist belongs to which room these days by looking at the photos.

Yesterday I saw my endocrinologist for a follow up appointment. The problem with cancer is that it is not something you can see by looking at me so I'm always a little baffled by what exactly this doctor wants to examine when I go to see him. Basically he touches my throat a bunch and makes sure there are no growths and then checks my blood pressure and heart and flicks my face a bunch of times to check my hypocalcemia - your face twitches if your calcium levels are too low, who knew!

But they did all of this stuff at the hospital last week so I just paid my endocrinologist $160 to tell me what I already know.


Katie is doing great on formula so far. I've been up since 2:30 with her (it's now 4AM) because she decided she'd like to drink 6oz instead of the usual 4 or 2 tonight. Dylan snuck into our bed at some point between 11:30 and when Kathleen woke up and he is fast asleep trying to snuggle up with Sean, who hates to cuddle. It's hilarious to watch them try to sleep. I've spent many nights with Dylan on top of my face because he loves loves to snuggle up.


As for how I'm feeling? I'm exhausted. But so madly in love with these kids and my incredible husband. I constantly count my blessings. Even though I'm averaging 2-4 hours of sleep at night between the newborn and the toddler, I'm still enjoying these moments with them in my arms in the middle of the night. They're only little this once. Although today the lack of sleep showed up at the grocery store when I spent a good three minutes unsuccessfully scanning my Stop & Shop card at the self checkout line only to later realize that I was in Price Chopper.