Saturday, March 2, 2013

Baby steps to bottles


Tonight Katie had her first taste of formula.

I cried. For me the saddest thing about having cancer is knowing that I cannot breastfeed Kate and having to be away from my family during treatments and surgeries. I think maybe these minor setbacks of cancer deflect the scarier possibilities such as, well, dying. I am so saddened by the thought that I can only breastfeed my baby for a few more weeks that I don't allow myself to think past it. Maybe I'm better off.

So I decided yesterday that we should buy some formula and let her try it. This way when I have to wean her in a few weeks she will be comfortable drinking formula from a bottle.

She did just fine, drank almost all of it.

So maybe I have to work on letting it go. Letting go of the ideal of being able to breastfeed her for as long as I was able with Dylan.

Someday this will be no big deal.


Her umbilical cord fell off yesterday so today I took her in the tub with me. She absolutely loved it. She also pooped. Must've felt very relaxed.


Yesterday we also went for our first walk down the street and since Dylan was such a good helper and listener I loaded then in the car afterwards and bought Dylan and me milkshakes.


I love the weekends. I love that I can nap. I'm still only averaging about 2-4 hours of sleep per night. This morning Sean took the kids and let me sleep in until 8:30. My hero.