Saturday, February 16, 2013


My life just grew so much more awesome with this morning's mail delivery. For months now every time the little magnetic charging plug fell out of my Mac--which is constantly with a toddler and three dogs crawling all over me--the computer would instantly shut off. This means that if I was 25 minutes deep into editing a photo or writing a blog entry I would instantly lose those 25 minutes as my computer screen turned black. And I would see it happening. The dog would step on the cord and I would watch it slip out of the computer port but I rarely was able to put it back in before the computer shut down. I bought a new charging cable a while back thinking that this would solve the problem but apparently what I really needed was a new battery. And one finally came in the mail this morning. I am currently typing using only battery power. No plug, no deafening fear that this computer will suddenly shut down. It feels amazing.

Here are a few cruddy cell phone pics from our day. I was up all night with what felt like a continuous contraction, my stomach stayed hard and painful and never relaxed, I was so sure I would go into labor at any second. But alas, 39 weeks 1 day along today.

Notice I took that screen shot from my phone at 2:42AM. Sleeping is for the birds when you're up all night Googling constant stomach hardness pregnancy labor contraction to make sure a phone call to Labor and Delivery is unnecessary.

I was dead to the world snoring on the couch when the boys came downstairs at six thirty, Sean flashed me a silly look because I had been watching the channel that airs government hearings--there really is nothing on in the middle of the night--and I wiped the drool from my face as I felt my belly. Still hard, still painful, still pregnant.

We made biscuits and Dylan shared his last piece with all three dogs, which always makes me melt a little. He's such a good boy.

Sean read the morning paper as Dylan watched his favorite movie Cars and Grampy came over for breakfast.

While the boys took their weekly boy trip to the dump I sorted through some of Katie's three tons of clothes. These are mostly her 0-3 month outfits. That girl has more clothes than all of us combined and she isn't even born yet.

After lunch, Sean and I settled in for a movie while Dylan napped but once it ended I was feeling antsy and took a trip to the store. Well, three stores. I bought rain boots for Dylan, groceries, and a much-needed step stool for our upstairs bathroom. We had a bit of an episode with Dylan today because he is determined to use the big boy potty, even though I'm not actually potty training him, and he refuses all help. But since I hadn't purchased a stool for the boys' bathroom he couldn't climb up on the toilet on his own today and had a complete meltdown. Huge crocodile tears. "I can't do it!" he sobbed into Sean's shoulder, and refused all help from us. He wants to be so independent and we totally failed him by getting him a potty seat but not a step stool to access it. So I went shopping. I figured maybe the walking would convince Katie to come out, too. Win-win.

When I came home, Dylan and I had a little art session. I was surprised with how much he loved to draw with markers, he usually gets very bored with crayons. He's a musical boy, but not an artist. But being Mr Independent Dylan was thrilled at the opportunity to open each of the markers and replace the caps when he was done with them. We sat on the living room floor drawing for quite a while. This is his picture of a bus using every marker in the box.

The rest of our day was priceless, as weekend's are. Sean and Dylan chased each other around the house laughing hysterically. Dylan ended up wearing only a shirt and fireman boots with his little tiny bum hanging out as they played hide and seek. My face hurt from smiling. We cooked dinner together, listened to our usual classical music while we ate, Dylan played in the bath, and then we spent time in our new basement playroom and had a dance party in our bedroom before putting Dylan to sleep.

Here's hoping tomorrow brings our daughter.