Thursday, February 7, 2013


I've been awake since 3AM desperately needing a cold bottle of IBC root beer. I should've stayed asleep because I was drinking one in my sleep and now it is all I can think about.

Sean and I decided to turn our basement into a rugged play area for the kids (Kids! Eek!) because every kid needs a place where they can throw a ball in the house and not have to worry about breaking a window, right?

Well. This project started off as Sean's baby, he worked two weekends organizing the stuff we had collected over the years and storing it into the other two rooms in the basement. He finally put some tools and manly stuff in the empty back room which has a stellar professional grade workbench. He found all of his grandfather's old tools and proudly showed them to me before tucking them away in his new man room.

And then he helped me pick the paint colors for the kids' area and that was that, he kind of lost interest.

So here I am suddenly being "forced" into redecorating another space, which is possibly my favorite thing about being a homeowner. The problem lies in the whole trying to remodel with a two year old in tow. I spent today painting a wall and trying not to lose my patience every time Dylan accidentally touched the paint or leaned against the wall. By the time we were done I was completely out of paint and Dylan was 75% covered in it.

I gave him a bath and my father-in-law stopped by with lunch and then since Dylan refused to nap for the bajillionth time this week we went to the store for more stuff for the basement.

I'm 37 weeks 6 days pregnant now and I've never been so ready to get her out. Although now I don't want her coming between tomorrow and Monday because we're supposed to get a 1-2' super storm blizzard and my father-in-law also has Sean's little brothers this weekend so I don't really want to drop a non-napping Dylan off with him should I go into labor. I'm having premonitions of a middle of the night drive to his house with a now-wide awake Dylan, who immediately wakes the 10 and 3 year olds up, and my poor father-in-law having to deal with three very cranky boys. So she can come today or she can come Monday, but not in between. But knowing how these things work she will probably want to make her arrival during the 23rd inch of snowfall.

I haven't been taking many pictures because my camera is tucked away in my hospital bag but once I finish the basement--if I finish the basement--I'll post photos.