Tuesday, February 5, 2013

37 weeks 4 days

I had a growth ultrasound this morning and had to go alone because Sean's big boss was at his work today and he couldn't go. At this point though there isn't much you can see of the baby that is remotely recognizable because she is so big and so wedged in my pelvis so he didn't miss much. I'm measuring right on track but my OB said she'd rather just make sure via an extra ultrasound because of all of my medical issues.

And this little girl currently weighs in at 7lbs 2oz. Approximately. Ultrasound measurements can be off by a pound so she might be 6lbs or she could be 8lbs.

On the ultrasound I could make out her heart, some hair, a little spine, and an arm. And then the technician zoomed in on her little face, her little rosebud lips and her nose. Her arm was over her eyes and she was fast asleep. Melt. I could not get over how suddenly in love I was with those little lips. The photo doesn't do them justice.

But here's the best part. Dylan had the same picture of him taken when I was 37 weeks along and the two of them look almost identical. We called this Dylan's Steven Tyler/duck ultrasound because his lips look huge! And hers do too, but on the machine they actually didn't look this big at every angle.

I cannot wait to meet her. Cannot wait.

(Dylan's picture is on the left, Katie's is on the right...it's extremely zoomed in so you can just see lips and part of their noses)