Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Toothache solved

I woke up yesterday morning with a terrible toothache. I tried to ignore it as the day passed but by evening I was in tears. I gave in and called the dentist this morning.

I hate the dentist. I'd rather go through childbirth, would rather have a thyroidectomy, than to have that drill in my mouth. My reaction to the dentist reminds me of my mother's reaction to throat cultures: she has to sit on her hands to keep from instinctively grabbing the doctor by the hands.

My dentist's office is at the end of our street so my father in law came over to be with Dylan and I walked down there filled with dread. The receptionist felt so badly for me, a very pregnant woman with a giant throat scar and a toothache. I told her that really I am just fine when she insisted in carrying my paperwork over to me rather than having me walk over to her. Tooth pain is so so much worse than the pain of giving birth or having a thyroidectomy.

The dentist was very talky when he read my medical chart because he also had a thyroidectomy years ago--but didn't have cancer--so he wanted to talk allllll about my experience. He also farted next to my open mouth when he sat down. He's a great dentist, but really? When he told me that I simply had an infection in my tooth and needed antibiotics and not a crown or a root canal or to have the tooth pulled, I could've kissed him.

Antibiotics. Four times a day. Problem tooth solved. The pain was less today than it was yesterday already.


Dylan and I went to pick up my prescriptions after his nap and while waiting for them to be filled I took him next door to Dunkin Donuts. And this is a big reason we try to stay out of public places these days. Two year olds lick everything imaginable.