Friday, January 25, 2013

The manic appointment

I had my 36 week appointment today which included a strep B test. If you're unfamiliar with that test basically it involves having a q-tip swiped up your back door. Pregnancy is not glorious and things like that don't really bother me, it's better than a throat culture with much less gagging.

My midwife--whom I love--freaked me out as soon as she felt the baby because she thought maybe Katie had flipped since last Friday and was now breeched. Holy shit. You're kidding. And then Jenny kind of lifted an eyebrow and said wellllll maybe not, that might be her head there.

And then when she measured me she said that we'd probably need to schedule a growth ultrasound because the baby was measuring small. Wait, what? Since when? She measured fine last week, is she not growing? So then she says she'll double check Katie's position with an internal exam.

So she checks me and says that I am 1-2cm dilated and that the baby is head down and absolutely fine. Phew. And then she remeasures me and says that since Katie moved a bit during the exam I am now measuring absolutely on target, 36 weeks exactly. No need for a growth ultrasound next week.

She says the baby might come this weekend or she could stay put for weeks. Haha, well, that narrows it down.

On the way out my midwife turns to me and says, "That was a manic appointment, maybe I should've gotten more sleep last night." Haha. I really love her. Best midwife ever, even when she tells me my baby might be small and breeched.