Monday, January 21, 2013

Purrs like a kitten

My car has been slowly dying for years and every time the weather gets cold it inches closer to the grave. A few months ago it started stalling when we put it into gear--unless it is warm--and recently the engine light flashes while we are driving and the car shakes and feels as if no gas is getting through. We're buying a new car soon but since we own this one we feel like driving it straight into the ground before we start the endless loop of new car payments again.

I Googled the issue and lots of pages had information about how the make and model year of my car has some sort of flaw and needs its valves adjusted. And I happen to have an amazing friend who knows cars and offered to come over to adjust them for me today. I thought this issue would be a simple turn this knob to the right fix, but Bill worked on it for two hours to fix it. Bill = our hero.


I made him look at the camera and pretend to be working hard...although he didn't need to pretend, he went above and beyond for us today.


As I had told my dear sweet friend Bill, we were just going to let the car die and save ourselves another trip to the garage, but you should've heard that car start up as if it was a young buck again! Have I mentioned that he is our hero? Now, this doesn't mean the car is going to live much longer, it won't, but he sure gave her a few more months in the very least and I couldn't be more thankful.

Dylan played outside with us as Bill worked his magic:


I thought the inside of the engine was so interesting.


And not only did Bill come over and save our car's life, but he brought Dylan an awesome hat from Disney.


I can't wait for Sean to come home and hear that car start up tonight. Until then, it's nap time.