Saturday, January 12, 2013

My little Valentine

Dylan and I did a photo shoot the other day at his request but it was short lived because one of my studio lights basically exploded and started smoking. Whoa baby! I unplugged it and got ready to dash it out into the snow in case the nylon covering caught fire.

34 weeks pregnant with kate and dylan photos
untitled folder1

So we went outside.

I already posted this series of belly shots I took that day:

untitled folder

But we played, too.

It was 40° and warm enough for Dylan to be comfortable in a sweater with no coat; I'll admit I got pretty cold after ten minutes in a sleeveless dress though.


Avery joined us.


And Dylan and Avery chased each other around the yard.


It's Saturday afternoon now and everyone else in the house has fallen asleep. I always struggle with how I should spend my time when Dylan is down for a nap. Usually I try to nap, too, or get some housework done. Today I felt like blogging and taking a bath but I'll pay for it in exhaustion later.

I just looked back at Dylan's Valentine photos from last year. He was fifteen months. Tee hee!


Also amusing is the fact that that giant bear of his is currently sitting at the kitchen table with me as I type because Dylan decided that he should sit in Daddy's chair.

Do I dare go back another year? Here he was at four months:

Day 127
Day 127 (7)
Day 127 (4)
Day 127 (5)

How crazy to think that I will have an almost one year old come next Valentine's Day!