Sunday, January 27, 2013

Limbo: 36 weeks 2 days pregnant

I finally packed our bags today, one for Kathleen and me and one for Dylan, so with my luck I'll go into labor tonight. I'm torn because as much as I can't wait to meet my daughter it means I have to be apart from my son. Our hospital has instated a strict visitor policy due to the flu and no one under 18 is allowed to visit. So Dylan will not be meeting his sister right after she is born as we had planned and I will not get to see him until we are discharged. I'm heartbroken as visions of holding my two babies in my arms as we cuddle in the hospital have been dashed.

Sean and I have decided that we will try to make those 48 hours as normal as possible for Dylan so Sean will not be staying overnight with Katie and me. We are also not going to have visitors come to the hospital to meet her because we cannot risk having Katie come down with the flu, nor do we want our friends and family to catch it since apparently the hospital is now a huge flu breeding ground.

So I'm torn.

I want her to cook a bit longer, yet I want her out as soon as yesterday. I can't wait to hold her but I'm so sad that once again I'll be away from Dylan. I suppose this is good practice for our family for when I go away for my week-long RAI treatment six weeks after Kathleen is born.

I've spent the last two days feeling absolutely exhausted, in bed by 7:30 and taking two naps. So Sean has been doing a bit of my nesting for me. Tonight he and Dylan wet-vac'd the carpet in our room. Dylan is in a helpful phase so he loves helping us do chores. This should be most helpful when the baby does decide to come, which could be any day now or four weeks from now.