Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 4th anniversary, Love!

I always find myself looking at old photos of Sean and me on our anniversary. We met when we were 21 and 31 respectively so I love to look back and see how we've grown.

Here are a few pictures of us from our pre-baby days:

Sean and Lauren (201)

Since we were close friends, we basically moved in together on our first date. He asked me to stay the night and I guess I just never left. We've been two peas since.

And then one day in the middle of the woods of Vermont that boy asked me to marry him:

Sean and Lauren (133)

I was in my bathing suit.

Neither of us cared about the wedding part of marriage, we just wanted to be together forever. We made a joke to our brother-in-law Scott that he should get his Justice of the Peace license and marry us. He obliged because he is awesomely fun and come January 1st of 2009 he had his JP certification. So we picked a date--January 10--because the Giants were playing on the eleventh. I bought a dress for $25 on sale and some boots at Payless. We bought our rings at Target for $10 or so. We invited a dozen people we love to meet us on a little gazebo at our local nature reserve.

January 10, 2009 was a freezing cold day and we were married a few hours before a blizzard arrived.

Sean and Lauren (233)

My great friends Meg and Brie brought along my guitar and learned to sing our song on the hour-long drive to the gazebo for us:

Meg took our photos.


After the ceremony Sean and I drove over to the cemetery to visit his mother, and then we all met back at Sean's sister's house to continue the celebration. My friends and I sang a bit but the real star of our after party was our three year old niece who was absolutely hilarious.

Today is a nice reminder of that day for us but we feel like we have been together forever so today is just another day with the one we love. Four years down and the rest of our lives to go...