Friday, January 18, 2013

A double milestone day!

Today I am 35 weeks pregnant with Kathleen and I am officially 3 months post-op after my thyroidectomy! Two reasons to celebrate!

I saw my midwife this morning. She is fabulous: huggy, bubbly, and always so darn happy to see me. I could use more of her in my life. I weighed in at 125 lbs--22 lbs gained total--Katie's heartbeat sounds wonderful, and the baby measures exactly 35 weeks. Jenny, my midwife, gets so excited when she feels my stomach because she says you can really feel the baby. She can pinpoint where Kate is lying from her head to her back to her butt to her little feet. This makes bubbly Jenny "shocked and ecstatic", she says so during every visit. She also says I'm very deceiving because I look so tiny but the baby measures right on target. I could say I have no idea where the baby is hiding to make me look so small but I know Kathleen is right there in my ribcage. Ouch! The upside to this is since I can feel her so well I can also push her down a little bit to give me some relief. Katie hates when I push on her feet and kicks me hard. I like her stamina.

Oh my goodness, Jenny also said the craziest thing to me today. She said, "You just have to keep her in there one more week and I'll be happy." One week. Apparently by 36 weeks Katie should be born a healthy mostly full term baby. Here I am thinking I have five more weeks--35 days exactly--to prepare for this peanut and Jenny throws the keep her in until Friday line. I am not ready. If Katie is anything like her brother she will wait until at least a week after her due date, but I do feel a lot more BH contractions with her than I did with D so it's very possible she'll be here sooner. Not to mention the constant nesting and crying might be signaling an early delivery.


I also gossiped with Jenny--who is about my age--about how rough yesterday's doctor appointment went and she said she had heard others say that Dr. P. was kind of a jerk. We laughed about the fact that I'm reupholstering every piece of furniture in my house and she asked me what I had in mind for birth control after the baby was born.

My birth control? A toddler and a newborn. Plus I'll be radioactive a few weeks after I deliver. Nothing says Not tonight, darling like a hazmat suit and radioactivity gushing through my pores.

Sean, however was talking last night about how we're going to become the Duggars and have a bazillion children. I'm not even sure if I can have more kids even if I wanted them because I have to do radiation scans to check for cancer for the next five years. But right now I have no interest in a third baby, I'm more interested in sleeping through the night again in a few years.

So here is the difference in my scar from 6 days after surgery to today, three months post-op:

6 days post-op

3 months post-op

Definitely looks lighter these days and puffier, but it sure hurts a lot still. Like a paper cut or a burn that won't heal. I'm told I will start feeling better in about a year.

And for belly comparisons, here is me pregnant with Dylan at 35 weeks 5 days:


And with Kathleen at 35 days:

35 weeks and 3 months post op thyroid

I don't see much of a difference between the two of them except that Katie is much higher and I can still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans with her, but only the ones that stretch, mind you.

The flu is in full force right now and I'm petrified to go out in public. Even the hospital where I will deliver has set up limitations on who is allowed to visit to keep the flu away from patients. I'm debating on whether or not we will have visitors at the hospital just because it is so risky this year and flu season hasn't even peaked. The stories of little kids dying from the flu and R.S.V. on the news terrifies me.

Also, don't watch the movie Contagion if you're already feeling jittery about germs.

Happy weekend, y'all!