Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weekend recap

We crammed a lot of holiday cheer into the weekend. Did a lot of walking, spent a lot of time outdoors, and made a ton of awesome memories. By Sunday night my body was beyond exhausted and my heart was swelling with joy.

We visited Lake Compounce's Holiday Lights extravaganza with our family on Saturday. The kids are all starting to be at the age where they want to be with each other and the older kids are really fantastic with the little ones. Everyone had a blast seeing the lights, riding the rides, and stuffing our faces with hot chocolate and s'mores.

I opted to leave the camera home so my wonderful brother-in-law took these photos of Dylan and his cousins enjoying the rides.


On Sunday morning we had breakfast with Santa Claus at a local farm. There weren't many kids there and so we had ample time to get to know Santa a bit better. We also enjoyed a horse drawn carriage ride through the woods.


I feel so bad for Dylan every time he sits with Santa. He spends all week talking about Santa Claus and then when he finally gets to see him he clams up and seems beyond petrified. I guess it is a bit weird of us parents to ask our kids to sit on a stranger's lap and smile for the camera. I'd probably feel the same way if given the opportunity to sit on my idol's lap, too.


And since we were the last ones in line for the wagon ride, we were able to ride alone--just the three of us. It rocked!


Baby Katie had her first horsie ride, too!


Last night we finally finished up our Christmas shopping. And now to wrap everything...