Friday, December 21, 2012

The kitchen project

Our kitchen tale set was given to us secondhand and although I love almost everything about it the chair cushions were filthy and needed to be reupholstered.

Exhibit A: the before pictures:


Um, yeah...gross.

One of the cushions was torn, too, and all of the chairs were rickety and needed some hardware replaced and tightened. I have no idea what made me decide that I had to fix the kitchen chairs yesterday, but suddenly I was looking at them over breakfast and then loading Dylan into the car to head to the craft store for fabric.


Dylan loved that he got to play with screwdrivers and I assumed the project would be easy and take an hour tops.


I picked up 4 yards of fabric on sale and decided that I would also cover the chairs with clear vinyl to protect them. I know. Vinyl. How grandma of me. But I'm already really anal about spills on these chairs and poor Dylan has to sit on a towel every time he eats so I figured this would be the most practical solution for making sure that these chairs don't get this filthy again.

I started the project at noon and did not leave the kitchen except to put Dylan down for a nap and to use the restroom and I finally finished at five o'clock. Five hours on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor. By the end of the day, I could barely move from crouching for so long and my hand had been bruised from excessive use of the staple gun.


Here is my little helper:


Sean came home and said that he felt like he needed to unwrap the chairs because of the vinyl. Haha. Oh well, practicality wins. It's nice not having to put a towel down every time we eat. And my psyche feels so much better knowing that we are sitting on clean chairs and not having to look at those stains.


And when the vinyl gets ruined or our kids suddenly stop spilling all of their food we can remove them and have cotton chairs again. In the meantime I dig how they turned out. Now what other projects can I do with my new staple gun?