Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh this week?


It's a count the seconds until the husband comes home so you can hide from all toddlers and dogs kind of week. I'm not joking. Last night I hid in Dylan's dark bedroom under the covers. Tonight I'm lying in the bathtub even though I drained the water about twenty minutes ago.

My kid is teething bad. He won't nap. His gums are bloody from the molars. I haven't slept through the night in four days because as soon as I get to sleep he cries or a dog decides that he would like to lick his ass loudly and then I'm up. At least three to four times a night.

And then I can't nap when D naps because he isn't napping. And when I ask, er...beg the husband to stay home from work tomorrow, it is because I can barely stand at the end of the day from chasing a 2 year old who is hitting and stalking our barking dogs while I carry a 2lb baby around on my sciatic nerve.

And when said husband agrees to take tomorrow off because technically he has enough vacation time to not have to work another day until 2013, and then backtracks on me and says that he forgot about some meeting and that he has to work anyway...well then folks, I hide in the fucking bathtub.