Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy in hats

As I near 33 weeks pregnant I am having a hard time bending over to put my shoes on these days. Somehow I always manage to put Dylan's on though or carry him upstairs while balancing a large toy garbage truck in the other arm. If I don't think about being pregnant I am surprisingly more agile. I tried to take some more maternity photos of the Katie Bump this afternoon but I placed my tripod attachment mount somewhere where it would be safe and boy, is it safe! I'm going to give birth before I find that attachment and taking my own baby bump photos is hard enough without attempting to take them without a tripod.


As for a thyroid cancer update, I've been cheating on my supplement regimen this week. At last count I was up to 126 pills a week and I was stopping to take medicine five times a day--major pills in the morning and at night, and six extra calcium supplements at brunch, lunch, and dinner--and having to keep mental track of all of these roadblocks was especially frustrating when I happened to be away from home for the day.

I've been feeling pretty okay lately, not much tingling in my hands and feet, so I made a personal decision to cut down on my calcium intake. For the last four days I've taken 4 calciums instead of 10 and still have felt pretty decent. I feel like I look sickly, though, overly boney and pale in the face. I'm hoping to gain some more weight and some rosier cheeks as I start to recover from the hypocalcemia.

In happier news, Dylan and I had the best day today. We were doing puzzles by seven this morning and out playing in the snow by eight thirty.

By nine we were enjoying hot cocoa. Dylan enjoyed it all over his face.


To burn off some energy Dylan strapped on his new roller skates and wheeled around the house. He must've fallen a hundred times. I posted this on Facebook after our roller skating experience but it bears repeating: The hardest part of being a parent is letting your child do things on his own knowing he might get hurt. Figuratively, yes, but also when he is wearing roller skates. We're not those parents who flinch every time our toddler falls, he lets us know when he is really hurt, but watching him fall so many times was a bit nerve-wracking.


Watching this video now, knowing that he didn't get hurt during his skating escapades, makes me laugh hard.

At noon we took a long and much needed nap and Dylan slept until almost 3PM. When we woke up we found a wonderful surprise of hand-crocheted hats in our mailbox from a sweet friend of ours.

Mine is purple and Dylan's is a snowman hat.


I don't think any of us are going to make it to watch the ball drop tonight. It's eight and we're already falling asleep. I'd better go crack the sparkling cider before we forget about it entirely. New Year's isn't the same without Dick Clark anyway. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I did in 2010 when he completely messed up the countdown:

I realize I am a horrible person for laughing so hard at 2010's countdown since ole Dick had a stroke and all, but I seriously will never be able to welcome in another year without mocking this moment for as long as I live.