Friday, December 21, 2012

Countdown to Christmas, countdown to Kathleen!

As much as my body would love to stay in bed until this little baby is born, Dylan needs (and deserves) plenty of exercise and fresh air everyday. One of our favorite places to stretch our legs is a lake by our house. The gravel path around the lake is almost a mile long and Dylan loves to find the biggest branch he can lift and drag it behind him as we walk. And since Grandma Dee lives right near the lake we usually pick her up on the way. It is here with them that wonderful memories are created.


On this particular outing a few days ago Dylan started shivering about 3/4 of the way through our walk and wanted me to carry him. As hard as it was to carry a toddler while already struggling to schlep it with my baby bump, I loved every second of him in my arms. He held me close for warmth and giggled. I'm going to miss those moments when his sister is here and he is no longer the baby who needs to be carried.

Sean has a four-day weekend which is absolutely unheard of so we are all floating in the clouds with glee. I'm feeling thankful. And I cannot wait until Christmas. Santa bought Dylan all sorts of things that will make him light up on Christmas morning: a toy kitchen, roller skates and a matching Cars helmet, tons of trucks, a sock monkey, and a train with a real light that we will set up around the tree.

In exciting baby girl chronicles I am 31 weeks pregnant today! 63 days left until Katie's due to arrive. Time to start stocking up on the supplies we need, which isn't much since we have all of Dylan's newborn things. Her crib is set up next to our bed already and I am starting to get serious baby fever waiting for her to arrive. Her kicks went from tiny flutters to mammoth kickboxing this week and she gets hiccups at least four times a day just like Dylan did in the womb.

Sean took these of the belly tonight:

31 weeks
31 weeks1

Katie is measuring right on target but I am overly cautious about my weight. At nearly 8 months pregnant I have only gained 17 pounds. My goal was to gain 40lbs. But she's a healthy girl so we feel very lucky and cannot wait to kiss her little cheeks!