Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas morning

Who cares about presents when you've got a train?

I took tons of photos of Christmas morning. I can't be sure but I think I was the most excited person in the house. I woke up at five AM and waited in bed for two hours before everyone else began to stir. Dylan finally woke up at seven thirty and I went running to his room yelling, "Santa came! He brought presents!" We set up a train around the tree and Dylan was way more excited about that train than he was about opening presents.

This post is going out to my sisters in California and my aunt Karen in Vermont. Even though you could not be here with us you're always in our hearts. We spent most of the holidays at home this year and had a most relaxing time for our last year as a family of three.

Modesty patch
A kitchen for the "Little Chef", as Daddy calls him

Photo of Dylan and me by Sean

They're eating beef jerky.

I love my boys!

My favorite part of Christmas was when we strapped on Dylan's new roller skates.


Here's a video of the occasion:

I love, loved, Dylan trying to skate all over the house. We also got him some ice skates and now we just need the weather to cool down enough so we can make an ice rink in the yard.

He loves that kitchen
We had to pry him away
My mother spends every Christmas morning with us opening up presents
Family photo in pajamas by my mother

And as quickly as Christmas came, it went. I took down our tree and decorations today. Time to move on to New Years, then our anniversary, Valentine's Day, and then our little Kathleen will join our family at the end of February

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!