Monday, December 24, 2012

A firetruck!

Building this Melissa and Doug toy was a fun way to spend the eve before Christmas Eve. Mostly this involved Sean putting the firetruck together while Dylan and I ate pumpkin pie and pretended to help. And of course when we were finished Dylan asked to sleep with his firetruck and hasn't stopped playing with it since.


I guess this next picture needs a little back story. Dylan has been exclaiming, "A digga-dooooo!" for about a year now whenever he gets really excited about something. Yesterday while changing his diaper I started singing Jimmy Durante's Ink-a-dink-a-dink a-dink-a-doo and Dylan smiled and shouted "A digga-doooo!!" Holy cow! He has been singing Jimmy Durante all this time and I didn't realize it! Totally made my day. So we watched video clips of the song as "we" worked to build the firetruck.


Practicing great patience:


And voila! We built a firetruck!


In somber news, apparently two firemen were shot in Webster, NY today as they responded to a fire. On Christmas Eve. What is wrong with people?! This month has been a not-so-gentle reminder to hold our loved ones close.

Merry Christmas, everyone!