Monday, November 26, 2012

UConn cow barn!

Before we went to the hockey game we stopped off at my old stomping grounds, the cow barns at UConn.

I spent many hours in the cow barns back in college trying to train my large heifer to be show-cow worthy. But since getting a large animal to stand with her feet positioned just so and not have her wander off in so many which ways was impossible for a simple English major, we came in fourth place (out of four cows) in the 4H show.


Didn't matter, I loved my adopted cow and had a blast spending many nights walking around the parking lot with her and coming home absolutely reeking of manure.

Here's an old picture of Sean and me visiting Chiquita in the cow barns:


Ain't she a beaut?! Pertiest cow I've ever seen.

Dylan wasn't as into cows. He loved seeing them from a distance but wanted no part of them up close.

Photo by Sean.  Dylan didn't enjoy this cow licking, tears followed.

Another photo by Sean


I was a bit sad going back to visit and not seeing my Chiquita. I haven't been in college in a decade so I can only hope she is living happily in the milking barn and not on someone's sandwich. Milking barn. Yes, that's where she is.