Thursday, November 29, 2012

I give today a D-

Today is ridiculous.

Dylan was unusually possessive at library hour this morning and kept trying to hit his friends. So I watched over him like a hawk and we made several trips to the time out chair in the short time we were at the library. Dylan even overly airplaned into a 15 month old and made her cry. I felt like a terrible mother.

When we got home he bit me on the shoulder and wouldn't let go. As the dogs barked in my face I carried Dylan to time out yet again and turned my back to him and bawled. He knew it. That bite hurt my shoulder, yes, but it hurt my heart more. We figured out that his sudden biting has much to do with a crocodile toy that he plays with at Sean's dad's house. The croc snaps its jaws shut and so Dylan mimics and thinks he's playing. Today he saw me crying and crawled into my lap.

"You cry, Mama? Don't cry, Mama. Dees boo boos?"

He looked so sad watching me cry and suddenly he became the parent.

Add to this our house is a disaster.

I need about seven hours sans toddler to get the house cleaned, but since I've had doctor appointments pretty much everyday this week I can't bring myself to drop Dylan off to be babysat by our parents again. It's not fair to him or to them.

And now that it's nap time I find myself writing, not cleaning, because I think I need to get today off of my chest. Maybe I'll sleep too, lord knows I'm exhausted. Everything can wait until I feeling myself again.