Tuesday, November 27, 2012

27 weeks 4 days

Oh, hello little baby!

We had another ultrasound this morning to make sure my placenta (TMI?) was no longer low-lying which would mean I'd most likely need a c-section. Everything looks great in da womb and Kathleen measures healthy and on target. A perfect 2lbs 7oz. Should she be born now, her odds of survival are phenomenal. A happy change from the high risk OB sitting me down at 22 weeks and telling me that if something should go wrong during my surgery our baby had zero chance of viability, that the doctors wouldn't even be monitoring her while I was under anesthesia because there was no point in trying to save an unsaveable baby. What a difference five weeks makes.

Not that I plan on her being born anytime soon. She is due in 87 days which is soon enough.

Here is one of the pictures we were given today. It is a close up of her nose and mouth and she is trying to cover her face with her arm.

The ultrasound technician gave us a similar picture of Dylan's lips when he was about 36 weeks along and his lips looked gigantic. I swear I was about to deliver Steven Tyler with those lips. See attached:

I was a bit disappointed at first that we didn't get a profile shot of Katie, she always turns away from us so we haven't really seen her clearly from the side, but I haven't been able to stop staring at those little lips all day. I'm so in love with her already.