Friday, May 18, 2012

Ketchup. Er...Catch Up.

I've been up to a lot.  Taking a ton of pictures.  But since I've been busy editing and sorting through them, I have little time to blog because by the time I finish the photos it's after midnight and time for me to curl up in bed with my husband, dogs (if they're lucky), and iCopy of my current guilty pleasure: Becoming Sister Wives.   I might get a chapter in before falling asleep and Dylan is up and calling for me at dawn.  Blog?  What blog?

So what have I been up to?

Firstly, my BFF Sarah and her husband Luke came to visit from their new home in the UK.  Sarah is pregnant with my honorary niece or nephew so we took some maternity--albeit early--photos of her at 14 weeks along.

2012-05-06 22.57
2012-05-06 23.04
2012-05-06 22.56
2012-05-06 22.55
2012-05-06 23.15
2012-05-06 23.05

And then there was Mother's Day.

The boys who live next door to us came knocking on our fence and asked me if I would help them surprise their mom by taking their photos.  Um, adorable.  So I wiped the koolaid mustache off of the younger one, they picked out their "fancy" outfits, and we quickly photographed them before their mom came home.  This one is my favorite:

DSC_9578 copyy

Our Mother's Day was pretty great. We spent it taking each one of our dogs hiking on their own special trip. Six hours of hiking on the most gorgeous day. I'll save those pictures for another post. Remind me.

We also spent time with the grandmas for Mother's day. Grandma Jane loaded Dylan up on cupcakes--which made him poop food coloring for two days--and Gramma Dee walked with us around the lake. We had a great weekend with them both.

DSC_0954 copy
DSC_1038 copy
DSC_0887 copy
DSC_1089 copy
DSC_1125 copy
DSC_1161 copy
DSC_1399 copy

And we spent yesterday with Dylan's buddy Joey. They are so cute playing together.

edit (11) copy
edit (27) copy

This morning we met up with Dylan's cousins at the park. Rachel took these of me and Dylan. I'm never in photographs so I'll post these so you can really see my ridiculous bangs.


Here are some more pictures from our morning:

DSC_2214 copy
DSC_2171 copy
DSC_2297 copy
DSC_2234 copy
DSC_2232 copy
DSC_2156 copy
DSC_2099 copy
DSC_2130 copy
DSC_2358 copy
DSC_2138 copy

And my personal favorite, this one of Dylan sucking little Henry's face.

DSC_2318 copy

Dylan's in a kissing phase. He kisses the dogs, his matchbox cars, books, and his trucks. Constantly. He does this thing where he crawls into my lap and opens his mouth and lingers over my mouth for a long, sometimes cheese doodley, smooch.

I freaking love him.