Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm just going to shout out some random things that are on my mind while Sean puts the baby to bed:

* I don't think I should be calling Dylan a baby anymore.  He's a toddler as soon as he walks, right?
* We baked cookies today--the ones straight from the grocer's freezer section--they are way better than box cookies.  Especially with milk.
* Anne Lamott says to write, even if you write badly.  Just write.
* My whole don't put it down, put it away philosophy is failing miserably and the house is a disaster yet again.
* I wonder how long I will sit here with the movie paused waiting for Sean to come back downstairs.  If he falls asleep in Dylan's room, how long will it take me to realize that he's not coming.
* A little boy tried to bite Dylan at our library play group this morning.  To be fair, the child is young--11 months maybe--but to be honest, I will push him on his little baby butt if he tries to bite my son again.  Dylan landed only a scratch to the face and neck but he immediately told me in his babble talk that he wanted to go bye-bye.  Broke my heart.
*  Why can't the children's museum be open on Mondays and Tuesdays?
*  A lady we met at the hiking spot we went to today brought her incredible Saint Bernard named Mona.  I mentioned that she must hug Mona all of the time.  She replied, "No.  Not really."  I made a mental note that people who don't snuggle their dogs shouldn't own them.
*  Have I mentioned that my house is messy?
*  My BFF Sarah is coming to visit on Friday for a whole week.  Today I caught Sean telling Dylan that he "gets to see his Auntie Sarah soon" when he thought I wasn't listening.  Eavesdropping on boy talk is the cutest thing ever.
*  I have a cavity and it hurts even to breathe in.  But fuck going to the dentist.  I'm traumatized for life by the Smile Center.  Every night I make a note to call a new place in the morning.  Every morning I decide I can live with the pain.
*  Sean just came downstairs.  We're watching the movie 50/50.  It's about cancer.  So far it's incredible.
*  Today Dylan held a dance party with his truck.  He carries his trucks everywhere now.  It's pretty adorable.

DSC_8193 copy

The only way he would pose for a photo today was if his truck was also the subject.