Friday, April 27, 2012

Asleep on my feet


I don't remember being this exhausted when Dylan was a baby. Mostly because I took advantage of the sleep when he sleeps rule and before I moved him into his big boy bed he slept in until ten or eleven every morning. These days he goes to bed at 8PM and wakes up anywhere from 4:30-7 in the morning. Yes, I said 4:30.

I'm not a morning person. I like to stay up late and soak up as much reading/blogging/facebooking as possible. I like that I'm allowed to watch an R rated movie the second I tiptoe downstairs after putting D to bed. But this no sleeping thing is probably not the best life plan for a girl who would be happy sleeping fourteen hours a night.


Dylan has decided that since he no longer nurses, he is big enough to quit napping, too. I don't know where this boy gets his energy but I wouldn't mind if he decided to share it with me once in a while.

Or maybe I'll start exercising more--although that idea makes me want to fall asleep before I lace up my running shoes--or go back to drinking caffeine. I always wanted to be a hip coffee drinker.