Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pot call the kettle

I wanted to be emotional today but my husband decided it was his turn. After a week of dealing with the worst cold known to humankind while trying to keep up a daily routine for the baby, I needed the weekend. I needed my husband to swoop in and say, Here, Honey, you rest. And to be fair, he was a prince for most of the weekend. Until he wasn't.

Today, I swear something crawled up inside his soul and ate away at his happy. He has been unpleasant for the last eight hours. I don't even feel like speaking to him. He f-worded it at least six times in front of Dylan because we had to drive to five hiking areas which were all closed. He threw a fit and stormed into the house while me and D took a lovely relaxing walk to the park. He mumbled as we ate dinner in the other room and didn't join us. He looked straight at the TV while Dylan tried lovingly to hand him a block.

I just asked him to put Dylan to sleep so I full on expect him to come downstairs grouchy afterwards.

But I still love him.

Marriage. For sickness and in health and on days when we don't feel like being cheery.