Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hitting You

Loudon Wainwright sings a song about how he hit his son because he was being crazy in the backseat and how Loudon realized as soon as he hit him that he could never make things right with his son again.

I don't plan on hitting Dylan. I was hit as a child, although far less than my parents themselves were hit as children, and I think I learned to get enraged quickly from their behavior. Sean was never hit as a child and he is cool as a cucumber on the rare occasion when he get mad. The most violent thing I've ever seen Sean do is throw his wallet on the floor.

This week Dylan has started hitting the dogs and us. I'm not sure where he is picking up this behavior but it seem to stem from a high level of frustration because he can't communicate with us verbally yet. I've done sign language with him since he was born but he rarely signs back, he understands what we are saying but rarely vocalizes how he feels unless he is throwing a tantrum.

I try not to let my feelings get hurt when my sweet 16 month old lashes out in my direction, but I have to admit it makes me sad to see him act like this. Even if this behavior is normal for tiny toddlers.