Friday, February 10, 2012

On song writing

I did something tonight that I rarely get to do. I went to Target without the baby. It was marvelous to be out alone on the town even if it was just a quick grocery shopping trip. On the way home this song came on my iPod. It's a pop song which I co-wrote with a friend of mine years and years ago. If memory serves me, I was highly intoxicated on the night in which we recorded it in his attic studio. I can hear a slight slurring in my voice on this one. In fact, if memory serves me, I was intoxicated every time I recorded music with this friend of mine. I still like the recordings.

How different my life is now, I thought as I blasted this tune on tonight's drive home. I haven't had a drink in years. I had a sip of cola today and a dose of Robitussin and I felt like I was a total rebel. I'm not staying out late recording break-up pop songs. I am singing Raffi and putting a baby to sleep and sneaking to the grocery store.

But I still listen to my 45's.