Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some old photos:

I love doing these posts both for the memories and to see just how far I've come as a photographer. Here goes...

sean and lauren2
Sean and me, November 2009

Me stuck in a tree a few minutes later, November 2009 -photo by Sean

A drive to White Memorial with the dogs, May 2009

Auntie and Evan
Holding my nephew Evan for the first time. April 2009 -photo by Shannon

Sean's little brother, July 2009

In our yard, May 2009 - this photo currently hangs on our bedroom wall

Taken with my first SLR, November 2005

Silhouette, February 2005

Bride 2 b
My sister's bachelorette party, June 2009

Spicer park, June 2009

Wedding belles, June 2009

Jimmy Valvano cancer fund charity tournament, August 2009

Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minnesota, October 2007

race (40)
Manchester Road Race, November 2009

lily beetles
Lily leaf beetles in the yard, June 2010

Hike to Roraback with Avery
Hiking with Avery, December 2009 -Photo by Sean

Playing with the dogs, February 2010

Grandma's backyard, Mississippi, July 2003/4 (?)

Sean at the cabin in VT, July 2006

mystic pizza
Mystic Pizza, Mystic, May 2006

Avery, March 2010

Our kids in the yard, March 2010

dylan kick
Dylan kicks, five days before he is born, October 2010

edit (6)
Action Wildlife, June 2010

edit (2)
After the tornado, July 2010

a (106)
Calf, September 2006

a (42)
Tito, October 2004

Bookstore cat, June 2004

3AM Fireflies, July 2006

Landscape, July 2006

Peeling paint, October 2007

fgf (156)
Tribute, October 2008

fgf (50)
Self, June 2008

d (21)
My favorite novel: The Things They Carried, August 2007

Extinct, October 2007

sept 6, 05 (126)
Vernon Tower, September 2005

z (12)
My Love, February 2007

moon shot
Moon, November 2005

Juan (8)
Juan, November 2005

Bee, March 2009

f (10)
At the apartment, July 2007

Dylan, 17 days old, October 2010

I guess I'd better stop now before the page overloads. I haven't edited any of these photos lately. I bet they'd be pretty awesome if I sharpened them and added contrast. Good times, though, Good times.