Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sore tomorrow

I ran a mile today. This is a huge deal since I probably haven't run a mile since my tenth grade state physical exam in high school. And never voluntarily.

I'm in terrible physical condition. I eat sugary crap and I never exercise. Add to all of this, I'm twenty pounds underweight and petrified to lose any more body fat, so why would I exercise? I usually get hate mail when I mention that I'm skinny but it's extremely unhealthy and scary trying to keep yourself above 100lbs. I can't gain weight. I feel tired constantly. I bruise like an 85 year old. These are some of the factors that made me lace up my first real pair of running shoes. I want to feel healthy. It's not a new years resolution, it's a lifestyle change.

Dylan's grandparents have been begging to babysit him, so Sean and I got on our running shorts (60 degrees here today!) and went over to the lake. He ran two miles to my one. There was also a thirteen year old girl running on the path and she was basically lapping me. Embarrassing. Every time I wanted to give up I thought about last chance workouts on the Biggest Loser ranch. If these people at 400lbs can run a mile than so can I, damnit. And so I did.

Sean thinks I'm so sexy now. He keeps saying, "My Love's an athlete." and asking me how great do I feel.

I feel a little proud, a tad healthier, and a shit-ton sore in the legs.