Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My not so tough girl

Our bed is a bit crowded tonight. We don't usually allow our three dogs to sleep in bed with us unless they happen to sneak in with me and the baby after Sean goes to work. There just isn't enough room for all six of us in our queen bed, and my two hounds like to sprawl out under the covers leaving us humans with little more than a corner.

This no dogs on the bed rule is broken whenever thunder and lightning are involved. Poor Jasmine, our sweet but alpha golden retriever, is so petrified of storms that she shakes violently and will jump gates and claw through walls to be with me. My little dominant pup needs to be held and hugged through every storm.

Jasmine is a rescue from Louisiana and judging by her ability to swim, her lack of a tail, her love for tucking herself under our Christmas tree as if she has slept outdoors a million times too many, and her absolute fear of storms make us believe that she survived Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

So tonight we have an extra bed occupant. But unlike the boys, Jasmine actually would rather sleep on a hard cold surface so I expect her to be a temporary visitor who will leave as quickly as the storm.