Saturday, December 24, 2011

Home for the holidays

My sister Carrie-Lynn and her wife--my beautiful sister-in-law--Laura flew in last night from California to spend Christmas at our house. They won't stay long, work beckons them back to Santa Rosa at 4AM Monday morning, but already we feel as if they never moved away. My sister loves her California home, her job as a nurse in a great California hospital, their California weather, but a part of my sister will always be here in the northeast with us.

Dylan knows his aunties, even though their last visit was seven months ago before he was walking, we video chat often. So immediately after they arrived he stretched his little hands up and requested to be held. Carrie and Laura gave him a bath (his favorite!), we exchanged presents with the grandparents, and spent the rest of the evening on the living room couches watching Dylan dance to Christmas music. So far this has been a lovely visit. And lucky for us the girls are on California time, so Dylan is more than happy to continue on his 10AM waking schedule.