Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I couldn't be a single parent.

I am with Dylan 24 hours a day. He sleeps in our bed and heck, he even follows me into the bathroom. We are always together; two peas.

So I crave the hour when Sean comes home from work to give me a small break, enough time to take a bath or even get some housework done.

Today was pleasant aside from a few hiccups--the dogs acting out, as usual--and Sean was ecstatic when he came home to discover it was BLT night.

We cooked dinner, ate, took down our Christmas tree, and watched the news. And then Sean mentioned he had a headache and snuggled into a sleeping bag on the living room floor, falling asleep at 7:30PM. Dylan and I watched The Help.

So much for a mama break.

The clock projects 10:46 on our ceiling and we are all three in bed, the boys asleep. I don't care if I'm tired or if my teeth hurt, I've got alone time with my thoughts and I'm taking every advantage.

I wouldn't trade my life for anything and I don't mean to complain about having to play with the sweetest baby all day long. Sometimes a girl just needs to be selfish.

Remind me to tell you about Avery peeing in his bed last night and about the Christmas deer. I can't stay awake.